This website is a collection of photos and videos of the former 3345th Security Police Squadron, Chanute Air Force Base, Rantoul IL, from the 1970's, 80's, and 90's.  Contributors:
Jim O'Toole, Tom Gaskins, Jim Moran, Shirley Wyatt, Loren Rudd, Doug Hurt, Brian Davis, Capt. Billy Harjo, Greg Peck, Lt. Rick Jackson, Butch Zamudio, Michele Swofford, Micki Rodman Sivia, Diane Grogan, Craig Leysen, Dutch Nie, Hank Gamel, Tim Ray, Major Van Harl, Michael Davis, Don Cherry, Patrick Kelly, Steve Voland.

The first 3345th SPS reunion was held 16/17 July 2004, at the former Chanute Air Force Base.  It was a huge turnout, many former squadron members made the trip, and some traveled far; Craig Leysen came up from Orlando Florida, and Dale Zeisset and his wife came from Dover AFB, Del.  Special thanks to Jim O'Toole for all of his work, also Doug Brever, Hank Gamel, and all the others that provided assistance to the event.
*The reunion pictures link is located at the bottom of the page, for John Botner's photos from the reunion, CLICK HERE
The second reunion was in July 2007.  For details, PLEASE join the 3345th SPS Google Group 

A 3345th SPS reunion was held 10-12 Aug 2012 in Chicago, IL.  John Butler and others were involved with planning.  For more information, please read the posts on the 3345th SPS Facebook page

A reunion is planned for Rantoul, September 29/30, 2017.  Event details will be posted on the 3345th SPS Facebook page. Facebook page

Tom Gaskins
Rantoul, IL
3345th SPS, 1988
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